Who I am and why I am running

2020 US Senate

Who I am and why I am running.

Term Limits

The president is term limited. The entire Oklahoma legislature is term limited. US Congress should be term limited. I am for term limits.

Student Debt

Bankruptcy is specifically mentioned in the US Constitution, however, Congress took the Bankruptcy right away from students. Bankruptcy rights must be restored, as one option for student debt.

Secret Courts & FISA Abuse

Secret courts are tools used in foreign socialist countries, and should not be used in the USA. FISA secret courts in USA have been abused, and must have visibility, not secrecy.

Insider Trading by Congress

How can freshman congressman go to Washington DC, broke, and a few years later they are not just millionaires, they’re multi-millionaires? The answer is insider trading. Congress wrote themselves the STOCK Act to give Congress plausible deniability for insider trading. The STOCK Act needs to be amended so that congress can’t use insider trading on individual stock.

Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF)

CAF is theft. Without a warrant, it’s government theft.

Warrantless Searches

The government can use electronic tools, without a warrant, to spy on Citizens. Without a warrant, it’s theft of freedom. All searches must have a warrant.