Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil Asset Forfeiture – without a warrant, it’s theft, policing for profit

Civil Asset Forfeiture is a relic of the War on Medical Marijuana.  In 2016, Oklahoman’s voted on Medical Marijuana. 

However, today police can act as judge and jury to seize personal property, accuse the property of being used in a crime, and confiscate valuable property, without charging anyone with a crime.

The property is considered guilty, without a trial.  Today, this is happening in our country.

The person of whom the property was seized, has to hire a lawyer, and go to court to attempt to get their property back.  This is un-American and un-Constitutional because it is considered guilty until proven innocent, instead of innocent until proven guilty.  Police departments can use this as a funding mechanism for their budget.  In my opinion, without a warrant, it’s theft.  It’s policing for profit.  We must restore our 5th amendment rights, and require a warrant for police to seize property.